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How to Search for Cash House Buyers

There are times when selling your home fast for cash is an absolute must, but where do you find house buyers who are willing to sell for cash? After all, buying home with cash is not all that common, and given that the average home price in the UK is £278,000, it’s tough to find very many people with that much money just laying around. That said, though, buying a home for cash is more possible than you might imagine, and whether you’re working with a single buyer or a group of investors, you may very well have a cash buyer walk through your door soon after you list your house. Is working with a cash buyer really worth it, though, and how do you even begin to search for these individuals?

Why You Want to Consider a Cash House Buyer

So, is working with a cash buyer truly worth it? Absolutely. There are several aspects that make this option the far easier one as you try to sell your home. First, when you go with a cash buyer, there is no waiting time to get a loan or a mortgage. It can take a buyer between two and six weeks to obtain a mortgage in the UK, so without the need for financing, a significant amount of time is saved. In fact, generally, for the seller, selling a home for cash means a faster process. When you accept cash for the home, the deal can be closed in a matter of days. Keep in mind that selling a home via the traditional route comes with many contingencies. It’s possible the buyer could back out. It’s possible that the survey will return hidden problems. Maybe the buyer won’t actually be able to get that mortgage. Homes that sell for cash, though, are often sold in as-is condition, so the results of the survey rarely matter. Add that to the fact that there’s no financing wait time, and you have a truly win-win situation. The lack of wait time, though, isn’t the only bonus. It also costs you less. Typically there are no estate agents involved, so you don’t have to worry about commission fees. Moreover, many cash buyers already work one-on-one with conveyancing solicitors, so often you can save on those fees as well.

Where to Find Cash Buyers

So, you’re ready to sell to a cash buyer. What’s the next step? It’s not as easy as just sitting and waiting for one to appear. Instead, you may have to do some searching. You can begin by consulting with an estate agent who may know of investors or landlords who buy properties with cash. While most agents will give you names for free, others may ask for a small fee. In the same vein, contact local home builders and contractors who may know of investors who buy properties for cash. Building contractors frequently work with investors and real estate agents who purchase property for sale or rent. You may also want to consider visiting an auction where all transactions are conducted in cash. Landlords and investors can be found at auctions as they are always looking for properties to purchase. It’s also possible you can attract a buyer to your home. Place a sign outside your home indicating that you are looking for a cash buyer. This often helps if you live in a busy area. Do not forget to list your contact information. Place ads on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well indicating that you are looking for cash home buyers. You may have to continue the social media campaign for weeks or months to be successful. Don’t forget to list your home on the MLS. This is a great way to reveal to the masses that you are looking for a cash home buyer.  You should also create your own website indicating that you want to sell your home for cash. However, you will need to blog about your property often to keep the website active on google ranks.

If you still can’t find a cash buyer, you may want to look into home investment companies that advertise their ability to buy homes fast for cash. Working with one of these investors may not net you as much as you’d like for your house, but the process really is a quick and easy one.

These days, it’s not that difficult to find house buyers. However, the trick is to find someone honest and reputable. You may have to go through several investors or cash-buying companies to meet someone who meets your needs.